Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT) is a gaming community which was officially established on 15th September 2006, by a group of aspiring Malaysian gamers focusing on the “Battlefield” franchise. With 11 years of experience, MBT has grown into a full-fledged community, run by working professionals, fueled by the passion and dedication in building up the “Battlefield” & “Overwatch” series community and eSports awareness in Malaysia.
Our focus is to break the stereotypes associated with gamers in Malaysia by introducing a lively, social and positive community for all in our community events, while providing a platform for the younger generations to enjoy eSports at its fullest.


Malaysian Battlefield Team has celebrated its amazing milestone of over a decade ever since it was founded in 2006.
A gaming community that has lasted this long shows how strong MBT is as a gaming community and a brotherhood.


The fundamentals laid by our founders remain the same. We believe in building a great gaming community which includes being competitive in the e-sports scene, while encouraging positive values by connecting both enthusiasts and casuals alike.
It is hoped that through this direct engagement with the community as a whole, we are able to create a healthy environment for sponsors to connect to the community and build a network.

Hosted Events

Cyberfusion 2016 – MBT x Cooler Master Events
Cyberfusion 2015 – Full Event Organizer
Cyberfusion 2014 – “Tribute to MBT.Radean” Challenges
ASUS Masters DIY LAN Party 2014 – Battlefield Community Events
Cyberfusion 2013 – Hosted MSI x MBT Challenge
GamersPlatoon: Battlefield 3 ASia/Oceania League 2012


We also strongly believes in the term ‘Diversity & Inclusion’. We are after all, Malaysian, that are made up from different backgrounds and races
To celebrate this, we also encourage females to join in the gaming fray as well! We are also aiming to break the stereotype of gamers being mostly males.


Malaysian Battlefield Team encourages competitive esports participation as well. Our current competitive game focus are Battlefield, Overwatch and Counter Strike.


2017 – Champions in MSI Overwatch Open Tournament 2017
2017 –  Hotshotz 2017 Ameteur Overwatch University Circuit – 4th Place (MBT.Valkyrie Mix)
2017 – C2AGE Overwatch Tournament – 3rd place (MBT.Valkyrie Mix)
2017 – PlayForCharity Overwatch Tournament – 2nd place
2017 – Jom Main! Monthly Overwatch Online Tournament! – 2nd place
2016 – 2nd place in MSI Dragon Cup Overwatch 6v6 2016
2016 – 2nd place in Overwatch Malaysia Community Cup 2016
2016 – 4th place in ASUS Nvidia Overwatch 2016
2015 – BenQ CS:GO Qualifier – Participated
2015 – Asian Cybergames CS:GO Qualifier – Participated
2014 – Invasion CS:GO Tournament 2014 – Participated
2013 – Invasion AMD Gaming League 2013: Battlefield™ 4 – 2nd Place
2012 – GamersPlatoon: Battlefield™ 3 Asia/Oceania League 2012 – Group B Finalist, Top 12
2011 – GamersPlatoon: Battlefield™ 3 Rush 2011 – 2nd Place
2011 – Gigabyte Battlefield™ 3 Cup 2011 – Participated
2010 – Fragnetics Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online Competition – 4th place
2008 – Game Xtreme League (Singapore) – 4th place
2007 – Celgames 2007 (Malaysia) Battlefield 2142 – Champion


Malaysian Battlefield Team strongly believes in the term ‘brotherhood’. A close-knit and friendly gaming community. We tend to have BBQ meet ups and have ‘makan’ sessions at our usual Domino’s spots once in a while to catch up with other MBT members throughout the country.