Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT) is a gaming community which was officially established on 15th September 2006, by a group of aspiring Malaysian gamers focusing on the “Battlefield” franchise. With 11 years of experience, MBT has grown into a full-fledged community, run by working professionals, fueled by the passion and dedication in building up the “Battlefield” & “Overwatch” series community and eSports awareness in Malaysia.

Our focus is to break the stereotypes associated with gamers in Malaysia by introducing a lively, social and positive community for all in our community events, while providing a platform for the younger generations to enjoy eSports at its fullest.

New Look and Feel

Welcome to Version Two of newly formed MBT Central website, dedicated to Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT).

We hope to bring you the most up-to-date news on MBT recent events and activities.

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Who are We

MBT currently has over 80 active members of diverse backgrounds. Members from different backgrounds, whether they are a working professional or aspiring students, casual or competitive, come together just to have fun & play video games.

What's our Aspirations

Since the founding of MBT in 2006, we have grown to become a prominent gaming community. The fundamentals laid by our founders remain the same. We believe in building a great gaming community which includes being competitive in the eSports scene, while encouraging positive values by connecting both enthusiasts and casuals alike.

We want to inspire gamers’ within our community to build themselves socially & professionally while still enjoying their greatest passions in games. 

Games We Play

Contrary to what our name suggest, MBT does not play only the “Battlefield” series games.

Our community plays all kinds of different games, ranging from First Person Shooters (FPS) to Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs).

These are the current games that most of our members are currently focusing on.

The Competitive In Us


MBT Prime

MBT Valkyrie


The following are our amazing partners who support us in our goals.


Our team maintains an effective mix of working professionals and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our community. Our team relies on unparalleled project management, monitoring and evaluation, information technology, risk management, team management, and stakeholder management experience in order to ensure our community’s future to move forward and to expand our ideology to all Malaysians



Council and division leader. Joined us since the launch of Battlefield Bad Company 2


Division Leader and Council Member

C.M Lee is one of our community manager. Joined us ever since the launch of Battlefield 3


Community Manager and Council Member

Apam has been with us since the advent of MBT.

Apam Savior

Council Member

Shaft has been with us since Battlefield 4. He is also the proud owner of Emarque, a performance custom PC company.


Council Member and Founder/Owner at Emarque

Provide Gaming Skills and Technical Expertise. Joined us since Battlefield Bad Company 2


Council Member

Overwatch Valkyrie's Division Team Manager.


Valkyrie's Team Manager

MBT Prime's Team Captain for Overwatch


Prime's Team Captain


Council Member

Main Player of MBT Prime Overwatch Team


MBT Prime Team Member