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MBT’s target has always been to break the stereotypes associated with gamers in Malaysia by introducing a lively, social and positive community for all. The formation of MBT.Valkyrie has been one of the greatest milestones ever achieve by a Malaysian gaming community.

Through the formation of MBT.Valkyrie, we have shown the diversity and inclusion of our gaming community. MBT.Valkyrie currently consist of a team of female gamers dedicated to esports scene in Malaysia.

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The first few team members of Valkyrie are (From left to right in photos): Hamlet, GrilledKoi, iCaramel, Yue, Bloodyrukia, EvieNya, Kusochii.

More has join us since!

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MBT is still a growing community, even within the Valkyries. Our newest addition, Gunslinger (being carried by Hamlet), brought great vigor and uniqueness to the team!